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und was ihn ausmacht!



…is important to us at Landhaus Jausern! We love to spoil you with freshly made meals, prepared with the finest regional ingredients! The ‘boss’ himself can usually be found in the kitchen planning the four-course evening meal! With his customary love for detail, Günther conjures up typical Austrian fare as well as international delicacies.





The four-course dinner is also served in our homey, rustic-modern “Stube”, beginning at 18:30.

Our repeat guests especially appreciate the informal yet cultured ambience.


Discover for yourself!



Sauna and Swimming Pond

Let your soul gently drift off, lulled by the soothing sounds of music, completely relaxed from the last Finnish sauna infusion. Regular visitors to our sauna usually choose to cool off in the ice-cold swimming pond or in the fresh snow, rather than under the waterfall shower - guaranteed to strengthen your immune system!
If you still want to break a sweat but prefer a gentler method, enjoy a half-hour in our Physio-Therm infrared cabin! A pleasant, deep penetrating warmth will bring you to a sweat gradually, increase your sense of well-being and leave you blissfully relaxed!